Still actively adding to his long career in action sports, Robbie Maddison is known as the Modern Day Evel Knievel. As one of the most accomplished action sports athletes of his generation, Robbie achieved some of the most impressive feats ever done by man.

- Reaching the pinnacle of competition in FMX

- Jumping landmarks like the Tower Bridge & Greece’s Corinth Canal

- Multiple World Record holder

- Doubling Hollywood’s elite in action films

- Becoming a licensed skydiver, base jumper and pilot

- Becoming an industry leading inventor, and a visionary

But most importantly becoming a husband, father, friend and legend. With this in mind, Robbie and his wife Amy, wanted to incorporate the mindset and spirit of how they live their life and raise their children into something more concrete.

Aiming to provide the best environment for their own children to make the most of life, MADDWILL was created to share this perspective with everyone who expects the best out of themselves and dreams of being something great in the future.

Collaborating within their tight circle, the Maddison family aimed to create a brand MADD enough to inspire a generation to be the best version of themselves, supporting everyone and anyone with a dream and the WILL to go after it.

We all have WILL inside of us, but we encourage you to make it MADDWILL!

“No more doubting yourself, it’s time to put the hard work in. Dig deeper, work harder, move smarter and be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Be at peace in believing you are worthy, shine your MADDWILL and have as much fun along the way as you can.”  -  R.M